Run a dead pixel test now is the simplest way to check if you have any dead pixel on your screen. Running a dead pixel test is now a piece of cake ! First, make sure your screen is clean. Then, just click on the button below. You will be redirected to our dead pixel test app. You will be able to display colors on your full screen. Open your eyes and carefully check for any dead or stuck pixel.

Are you browsing from a phone or from an iPad or tablet? Perhaps our software is not working properly on your web browser. Try our video dead pixel test by clicking on the button below.

Are you unsure what to look for? Dead pixels and stuck pixels can easily be spotted when your screen is displaying plain colors. They can either be black or colored dots, just like on this picture:

Dead Pixel Test site logo

Pick a color to go full screen and test your screen for dead pixels

Remember, a dead pixel can be stuck to any of the colors below, so make sure you check them all.

Still not sure what a dead pixel is? Go check our post on what is a dead pixel and come back here to perform a test.

See large glowy stains on your screen? You might have backlight bleed! We also have a backlight bleed testing app similar to this one on with all the required information to perform a backlight bleed test.

Do you want to try to fix your dead pixels?

You might want to wheck out our dead pixel fix page. We will let you know what you can do to try to fix the dead pixels on your screen and show you our dead pixel fix videos.

Tell us how your test went for you!

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Did you find any dead pixel?

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